Prayer Diary


The week beginning:

April    1                The Church of Uganda: Archbishop Stanley Ntagali

8                The Provincial Staff Team

15                The new Diocese of South West Ankole

22                The Joint Christian Council of Uganda

29                Church Schools and the Church’s Education Ministry

May     6      The Dioceses of Muhabura and Kigezi

13                The Work of the Uganda Church Association

20                Vocations & the training of Ordinands and Lay Readers

27                The Dioceses of North Kigezi and Kinkiizi

June    3                All who suffer persecution – June 5th Martyrs’ Day

10                The work of the Mothers’ Union in Uganda

17                The Dioceses of South Ruwenzori and Ruwenzori

24                The Anglican Communion and Archbishop Justin

July     1                The Dioceses of Bunyoro-Kitara and Masindi-Kitara

8                The Churches’ Ministry in Peace and Reconciliation

15                The Dioceses of Nebbi and Madi West Nile

22                The Church’s Ministry to Youth & the work of Scripture                                           Union

29                In-service training and the support of those in full time                                           ministry

Aug.    5                The Dioceses of Northern Uganda and Kitgum

12                The Church’s role in building unity within the nation

19                The Church’s involvement in medical care

26                The Dioceses of Lango and West Lango

Sept.  2                The Churches’ work in social development

9                The development of Uganda Networks

16                The Dioceses of Karamoja and North Karamoja

23                The Revival Fellowships in Uganda

30                Ugandans working cross-culturally as missionaries

Oct.     7                Integrity in National Life – Oct. 9th Independence Day

14                The Dioceses or Kumi and Soroti

21                The Episcopal Churches of Sudan and South Sudan

28                Mission partners in Uganda – Oct. 30thJames Hannington

Nov.    4                The Dioceses of North Mbale and Sebei

11                The Churches in Rwanda, Burundi and Congo

18                Ugandans living in Britain

25                The Dioceses of Mbale and Bukedi

Dec.    2                Those living with HIV/AIDS

9                Serving clergy and lay readers

16                The Dioceses of Busoga and Central Busoga

23                Uganda’s orphans

30                The Dioceses of Mukono and Luweero


Jan.    6                The Church’s teaching ministry

13                The work of CMS, Crosslinks, AIM & other mission agencies

20                The Dioceses of Namirembe and Kampala

27                Relations with Ugandan Muslims and those of other faiths

Feb.   3                The Dioceses of Central Buganda and West Buganda

10                The House of Bishops – Feb. 16th Janani Luwum

17                The Dioceses of Mityana and East Ruwenzori

24                Ugandans serving in other parts of the world

Mar.    3                The many refugees in Uganda: the work of the UNHCR

10                The Dioceses of Ankole and North Ankole

17                Retired clergy & lay readers

24                The Church’s ministry of evangelism

31                The Dioceses of West Ankole and South Ankole