Financial Support

Grant-making is not the main purpose of the UCA, but we do aim to use the money donated by members (after essential expenses) to support the ministry and mission of the Church in Uganda in various ways, and as strategically as possible. Increasing our membership and increasing members’ donations will enable us to do more. Below is a summary of the grants that the Association has been able to make in the past few years.


During the period 2000-2008 the UCA was able to provide:

  • Grants to train c 40 students for their ordination training. Most dioceses of the Church of Uganda benefited. The majority were trained at Uganda Christian University, but there was also support for others at Bishop Barham Divinity College, Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College and some other regional Colleges.
  • Support for the annual Provincial Education Department Conference.
  • Some funding for Chaplaincy Training undertaken throughout the Province of Church of Uganda.
  • A grant towards the Provincial Pastors’ Christian Education Programme.
  • A one-off grant for a dormitory in a new Church of Uganda Secondary school in Luwero Diocese and a Send a Cow fund raising project there.
  • £1,500 towards SOMA mission in Uganda.

During the period from 2009 to the present, UCA support has included:

  • £12,000  for Pastors’ Christian Education Courses.
  • £10,000  for  Chaplains’ Training Courses.
  • c£2,500 p.a. for students training at Uganda Christian University (a minimum of 3 in any one year).
  • c£2-2,500p.a. for 3 years for students training at Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College.
  • £1,000 p.a. for 4 years for 5 girls to study from S1-S4 at Isoke Memorial College in Kitgum.
  • £3,000 to provide a permanent kitchen block at Bishop Barham University College.
  • £1,650 to provide ¾ of the cost of printing 3000 booklets on Baptism Preparation produced by the CoU Education Bookstall.
  • £600 towards a student’s research for a Master’s in Counselling.
  • £1,000 towards the work of CHIPS in the Teso/Karamoja region.
  • £500 towards the visit of Dickens Zziwa, Director of SU (Uganda), to the UK, which included his speaking at our AGM.
  • £5,000 towards the setting up of a Uganda Networks website to encourage support, effective communication and awareness among groups working in Uganda.

In addition, members will remember that some years ago, the Committee agreed to take responsibility for and manage a Restricted Fund created specifically in memory of Bishop John V Taylor. The purpose of the Fund is to support the giving of a lecture in alternate years in different parts of Uganda, to provide stimulus for those involved in pastoral ministry. Up till the end of 2014, three lectures had been delivered, at Uganda Christian University, at Bishop Barham University College and in St Peter’s Cathedral, Hoima,  leaving a balance of £1,500 still in the Fund.

The UCA is also sponsoring the Namirembe Cathedral Exhibition Project.