Message from Chairpers

Message from the Chairperson

“Tell me, the old, old story…”  Hymn by Kate Hankey

A memory that has left a deep impression during African childhood is story-telling. Today, there is widespread complaint, in Uganda at least, that the art of story-telling from parents, aunts and grandparents to the young might be on the wane. That would be most unfortunate. But story-telling has not died out in Africa. I suppose the fascination about stories has to do with many factors: stretching the imagination, evocation of a sense of wonder, moral challenge, and the training of memory.

Story also occupies a crucial part in our Christian commitment. It is the vehicle by which God’s saving plan for us and the world is communicated to us. It gives coherence to our words and actions, some of which, like Baptism and Holy Communion, are symbolic.  The Christian story does not just fascinate us or provide us with an interesting set of events. This story is an invitation to us to join in, be a part of that story, become a pilgrim. The Christian story is inclusive and open-ended.

The activities of the Uganda Church Association over the years have their own story, a fragment of which this newsletter has narrated for many years. More importantly, the Association and the newsletter are only part of our contribution and involvement with other partners both in the UK and Uganda in God’s story of salvation. It is story that holds in memory those who are no longer with us in the flesh, like the Rt Rev Brian Herd, formerly bishop of Karamoja and former Chair of the Association, who passed away in 2016.

I would like to express my thanks to the Committee Members of the Association and to members of Uganda Networks for your continued commitment to add to the work started by our predecessors. And I wish thank all those who have made a contribution to the newsletter and to the Revd Dr Michael Hunter for editing it.

Yours sincerely,

Amos Kasibante