UCA Newsletter 2017

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Message from the Chairperson – Revd Amos Kasibante

Review of the Year 2016 – Revd Amos Kasibante

Uganda Networks Update

UCA Activities and Grants for In-Service Training

40th Anniversary of Archbishop Luwum’s Murder

Lango: Building the Church, Building the People by Revd Laurence Pusey

A New Chapter in West Buganda Diocese by Bishop Henry Katumba-Tamale

70 Years of Marriage: A Story from Ankole by Abraham Ahabwe

Children belong in Families, not Institutions by Pastor Daniel Kaggwa

A Charcoal Briquette Scheme by Linda Hunter

What’s in a name? The Church of Uganda and the Question of Identity by Revd Amos Kasibante

Islam in Uganda: Two Contrasting Perspectives

The East African Revival: Treasure of the Ankole Region by Bishop F S Mwesigwa

Obituary – Bishop Brian Herd

A Prayer Diary for 2017-8

List of the Province, Dioceses and Diocesan Bishops 2016/17