UCA Activities

UCA Activities

Revd Dr Michael Hunter

In 2015, breaking with tradition, the UCA Committee decided that the format of its annual meeting should be changed. So instead of a straightforward AGM with speaker we instead hosted – in partnership with Uganda Networks and Christian Network Uganda – a Day for Uganda. This was chosen in part to highlight the impending launch of the Uganda Networks’ website whose development arose from a decision by UCA members at the Annual Meeting in 2013 and towards which UCA had committed significant capital. The change of format worked well and there was a significant increase in attendance. More on the development of the Uganda Networks’ website can be read in the preceding article.

Over the past 12 months we have been able to make 4 different grants to help those in Uganda in ministry or preparing for it.

  • Our commitment to support some in training for ordination has continued with grants for 3 students at UCU, Mukono.
  • We have provided funds to help print a Chaplains’ Handbook and to support the School Chaplains’ Workshops organised by Revd Richard Rukundo, the Church of Uganda’s Provincial Children’s Ministry Co-ordinator.
  • We have recently agreed with Ridley Hall to provide a grant for 3 years towards the Professional Doctorate Studies of Revd Kenneth Karyaija from Kampala Diocese. He is studying how mentoring can best be developed in the Ugandan University context; his research will be mainly carried out in Uganda.
  • We provided a grant to cover nearly three quarters of the cost of a conference for the clergy of Luweero Diocese. A report from Bishop Eridard on the conference is found elsewhere in this Newsletter.

2016’s Day for Uganda has gained one more host – Okusinza mu Luganda – and we look to build on the increased interest shown last year. The Committee, which in January 2016 held its first meeting by means of skype, will as always be aiming to use its funds wisely to further ministry in Uganda. We are also looking forward to seeing the continuing development and use of the Uganda Networks website. What began as an idea seems now to be becoming a small plant: who knows where it will end?!

Revd Dr Michael Hunter, at one time Tutor and Chaplain at BTTC, is Secretary of UCA.