My First Year of Ordination

My First Year of Ordination

Revd Brian Muhereza

I was ordained on 7th Dec, 2014 at Emanuel Cathedral Kinyasaano in North Kigezi Diocese and later on 5th Jan posted to Makobore Boys’ High School. On the day when the bishop would be posting clergy, many newly ordained clergy would be under tension wondering about where they would be sent to work. My feeling was rather different: I had no particular expectations but my prayer since I began my theological training had been, “Lord, send me wherever You want, but give me a spirit-filled ministry.” I remember making that prayer in my prayer group during the 3 months I spent at Wycliffe Hall in the Oxford University. So my deployment at Makobore Boys’ School came to me as a joy; I felt God had sent me.

Though I thought it would remain a joy it turned out to be a challenge. Because the school had spent some time without a full time chaplain there was a lot to do before the chaplaincy could start well in the eyes of students and staff. But God is very faithful and within the first 3 months of my ministry the organisational issues were resolved.

God has blessed me very much in my first year of ministry for He sent me to a gospel-yielding school. I found that the boys had much hunger for the gospel; they responded positively to the altar-calls. At my first preaching, 64 students came to Christ; in my first fellowship 52 received Christ; and the response has continued like that!  It has been my joy has been to see many people come to God, and that remains my prayer.

Of course there have been challenges, such as each minister faces, but I count the whole of my first year as one of continuous blessing. In addition to the encouragements and blessing of my ministry at Makobore, God has blessed me with a God-fearing humble lady Phionah whom I am marrying on 19th Dec 2015. He has also given me an evangelism trip to the Anglican Diocese of Armidale in Australia for the whole month of October 2015. There I had the opportunity to go to many churches testifying about the goodness of God to the young and old.  I now have new friends and time to reflect upon God’s word.

As a young clergyman aged 27, I feel blessed to have a chance to serve God at a youthful age. There is much to be done, much to learn, much to challenge and much to come but I believe that He who has begun a good work will bring it to its accomplishment. My call to people is always to serve God wherever we are, wherever we are sent, in whatever situation we find ourselves and at all times in our lives.  The Lord is always with us!

Revd Brian Muhereza is a priest in the Diocese of North Kigezi.