Minutes of 2014 AGM



Minutes of the Reunion and the Annual General Meeting of the Uganda Church Association

held at St Luke’s Church Centre, Queen’s Park

on Saturday, April 26th 2014




Revd Amos Kasibante welcomed those present. After a brief act of worship and the remembering of those who had died since the last AGM, Mr Julius Mucunguzi, from the Commonwealth Secretariat, spoke about the Media and the Church and how, by appropriate use of the media, the profile of the work of the Church could be raised. His talk stimulated much discussion about the Church’s need to engage with the media strategically, deliberately and sustainably. In the open forum which followed members provided a wide range of news updates. These included:

John Wheatley-Price: the launching of the Kumam Bible, which had taken just 12 years to complete.

Robert de Berry: the Namirembe Resource Centre and challenge of getting a visa for the Dean of Namirembe. Elfrida Calvacoressi: CHIPS completely handing over to an indigenous Teso/Karamojong successor.

Liz Swarbrick: Bishop Geresom Ilukor’s autobiography.  

Jenny Ottewell: Revd Richard Rukundo’s proposed visit in the autumn and the need for prayer for his visa.

Barbara Cottier: Wycliffe Bible Translators’ work in West Nile.

Joanna Woodd: the importance of the Church in Uganda promoting the obtaining of birth certificates.

Michael Hunter (on behalf of Bob Arnold): grants from the Welsh Government to plant trees on Mt Elgon.

Charles Woodd: an update on progress towards the shared network website.



  1. 33 members and 5 visitors were present. The Minutes of the AGM held on April 6th, 2013 were approved on a show of hands and signed. There were no matters arising.
  1. The Chairperson thanked members’ for their support of the Association. He paid special tribute to Charles  Woodd for his role in taking forward the work to set up a collaborative website. He spoke of the UCA’s role in promoting meaningful partnership among much variety. He thanked Committee members for their work and expressed particular appreciation for the 2014 Newsletter.
  1. The Treasurer presented the Accounts for the previous year and spoke to his report which had been circulated.  The Accounts had been approved by Mr Chris Dragonetti, who had taken over as Independent Financial Examiner. The meeting approved the Accounts and asked the Treasurer to thank Mr Dragonetti and request him to perform the same task for 2014 (proposed by Joanna Woodd and seconded by Charles Woodd).

Members were urged to inform him of their email addresses  wherever possible as this reduced costs: the successful appeal after the floods in South Rwenzori had been conducted largely by email.

  1. The Secretary reported on the work of the Committee over the past year. 2 meetings had been held since the previous AGM. As our previous printers had retired we had employed new printers for the 2014.  We were trying to foster a more genuine 2-way link with 3 new students sponsored at UCU.
  1. The Meeting re-elected Revd Amos Kasibante as Chairperson (proposed by Joanna Woodd, seconded by Charles Okello).
  1. The meeting re-elected Charles Woodd as Treasurer (proposed by Jenny Ottewell, seconded by Catharine

              Galpin) and Michael Hunter as Secretary (proposed by     Catharine Galpin, seconded by Elizabeth Kerr).

              Revd Amos Kasibante thanked Joanna Woodd and Madge Quinn for their work on the Committee. In their place 2 new Committee members were elected: Esther Kawoya (proposed by Joanna Woodd, seconded by Madge Quinn) and Elizabeth Kerr (proposed by Catharine Galpin, seconded by Jenny Ottewell).

7. a)It was agreed to send good wishes to Gordon and Mary Silk who now mustered 180 years between them!

       b) Robert de Berry thought an occasional email appeal was a positive step.

       c) Revd Amos Kasibante said how pleased we had been with the way that the Bishop Taylor lecture in Hoima had been organised and how its financing had been transparent.

Revd Amos Kasibante thanked Charles Okello for all his practical help and closed the meeting with prayer.


ENQUIRIES about membership & changes of address should be sent to the Treasurer/Membership Secretary:

Mr Charles Woodd, 94 Harnham Road, Salisbury, SP2 8JW:                Tel: 01722-323447

e-mail: charleswoodd46@gmail.com