2014 Annual report



Registered Charity Number 1015425


Principal address:  c/o The Treasurer, 94 Harnham Road, Salisbury SP2 8JW


In 2014 the UCA, in accordance with its Constitution (adopted in 2004), pursued its objects:

To advance the Christian and other charitable work of the Church of Uganda and, supplementary to this, to advance the Christian and other charitable work of other churches and organisations within Uganda and to further the same purposes amongst Ugandans in the United Kingdom.


The annual reunion, attended by about 40 people, took place at St Luke’s Church Centre, Queen’s Park, London, on Saturday 26th April 2014. Mr Julius Mucunguzi from the Commonwealth Secretariat spoke about the Media and the Church and a number of members then shared a wide range of news from Uganda. In addition to worship, the meeting received reports from the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. Elections for these offices were held.

The UCA Annual Newsletter was published in the spring.

The Committee met twice in the course of the year. A grant had provided funds for 2 courses for School Chaplains and 3 more students were now being supported at Uganda Christian University. Part of the money earmarked by the 2013 AGM had now been used, as decided at that AGM, to start the development of the Uganda Networks website. The Committee had agreed that UCA should sponsor the Namirembe Cathedral Exhibition Centre project and Revd Robert de Berry was supporting this on behalf of UCA. Our existing funds had not permitted us to make any further grants during the year. Following the guidelines of the Charity Commission, the Committee has ensured that our activities have been both ‘beneficial’ and that they have benefited a ‘sufficient section of the public’.

The Trustees and Officers of the Uganda Church Association, who are elected at the AGM, were at the end of  the year:

Revd Amos Kasibante [Chairperson]

Mr Charles Woodd [Treasurer & Membership Secretary]

Revd Dr Michael Hunter [Secretary]


Michael Hunter, Honorary Secretary – on behalf of the Trustees  

February 2015