Annual General Meeting

The 2019 A.G.M. will be held

at St John’s Church, Waterloo, SE1 8TY

on Saturday, April 13th

As previously, it will be held as part of A DAY FOR UGANDA, organized in partnership with Uganda Networks and Christian Network Uganda & Okusinza mu Luganda


 St John’s Church is opposite Waterloo Station, on the roundabout by the IMAX cinema. Nearest tube: Waterloo (There is no car parking at the Church)

Free admission
10.45am         Doors open: tea/coffee/juice available
11.15am:          Brief worship followed by the opportunity to share news, experience and challenges of work in Uganda today****
c12.50pm        Lunch (bring your own), networking and catching up
2.00pm            Main speakers:
Revd John Rutter (a CMS Mission Associate): “South Sudan in Uganda – a Story of                                  Exile”

Mr Ganzi Isharaza (a Ugandan journalist): “The Church in Uganda and the Critical Role of Cross-generational Communication”

**** If you would like to speak briefly about recent experience in Uganda or about your charity or to bring display materials, please contact Michael Hunter at:
  or 01539 725 093


3.35pm: AGM of Uganda Church Association
1. Minutes of AGM held on 7th April, 2018 2. Matters arising from the Minutes
3. Treasurer’s Report and adoption of Accounts 4. Secretary’s Report
5. Election of Treasurer & Secretary & Committee Member: (Nominations, duly agreed, with the names of Proposer and Seconder, can be
sent to the Hon. Secretary in advance)*** 6. A.O.B. (if possible, notified to the Hon Secretary in advance)
*** Ex-officio members of the Committee (& Trustees) are currently the Chairperson, Secretary and the Treasurer/Membership Secretary. Ester Kawoya & Elizabeth Kerr complete their 2nd year as Committee Members: Kevin Ward is currently a co-opted member and there is one vacancy for an elected Committee Member.


In 2018 the UCA, in accordance with its Constitution (adopted in 2004), pursued its objects: To advance the Christian and other charitable work of the Church of Uganda and, supplementary to this, to advance the Christian and other charitable work of other churches and organisations within Uganda and to further the same purposes amongst Ugandans in the United Kingdom.
The UCA Annual Newsletter was published in the spring. The annual reunion/Day for Uganda, attended by about 65 people, including the Ugandan High Commissioner, took place at St John’s Church, Waterloo, on Saturday 7th April 2018. In the morning, news and information was shared by representatives of about 10 different organisations. In the afternoon there were talks from the BBC journalist Ruth Alexander – about South Sudanese refugees in Uganda – and the Ugandan journalist Benon Oluka – about the Current Political Situation in Uganda. The meeting also received reports from the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. Elections for the Treasurer and Secretary were held.
The Committee has met by skype three times in the course of the year. Grants have supported a number of courses for in-service training and work with/for youth. The Uganda Networks website continues to attract interest but is not yet self-supporting. Following the guidelines of the Charity Commission, the Committee has ensured that our activities have been both ‘beneficial’ and that they have benefited a ‘sufficient section of the public’.
The Trustees and Officers of the Uganda Church Association, who are elected at the AGM, were at the end of the year:
Revd Amos Kasibante [Chairperson] Mr Charles Woodd [Treasurer & Membership Secretary]
Revd Dr Michael Hunter [Secretary]
Michael Hunter, Honorary Secretary – on behalf of the Trustees                       February 2019